To ease the transition to E-learning, the African Development Bank has equipped the MUBS Publications Studio with high-tech equipment which will be used by lecturers to aid E-learning. Located at the ADB building at MUBS Main Campus, the studio where staff will be recording online materials was officially opened on July 22, 2019.

According to the Manager E-Learning Centre, Ms. Shakira Nagujja, the Students will get live, interactive lectures from the tel-education studio and they will ask questions to which the lecturers will respond to instantly. She further explained that, if a student misses a lecture, they will access the lecture notes stored at the data Centre through the Internet.

Ms. Nagujja further explained that the E-learning scheme has seen several Academic programmes unveiled on a pilot phase and a number of lecturers
have been trained in E-course development and many more will be trained. “We have been able to “online-ise” the Bachelor of Business Administration programme and the Executive MBA which can now
be completely done online,” she added on.

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