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The 18th Annual International Management conference came to a close last night at the Common Wealth Resort Munyonyo Kampala. The conference held in conjunction with African Accountants and Finance Association and the Human Resource Managers Association of Uganda was described by Professor Balunywa as the biggest ever. MUBS hosts several conferences a year including the Leadership Conference and the Entrepreneurship Conference and also co-hosts the ICT Conference for Africa and the East African Operations Research of East Africa conference. These conferences give opportunity to local researchers to present their research findings on topical issues. The conference creates an opportunity for researchers to international researchers or scholars to debate local and international issues. Universities have a multiplicity of roles including transmitting knowledge, discovery of knowledge and publishing it among others.

Closing the conference at the conference dinner RT. Hon. Amama Mbabazi thanked MUBS for being at the forefront of research and knowledge creation in the country. The Prime Minister recognized the MUBS effort in the education sector thanking Prof. Balunywa the Principal for his untiring effort to improve access to education not only in the country but in the region. He welcomed the international participants to Uganda requesting them to spend a little more time in the country. The Prime Minister talked about the peace and stability that NRM had brought into the country which created opportunity for business and other activities to prosper.

Talking about MUBS in a response a request by Prof. Baryamureeba the Chairman of MUBS Council, Hon. Mbabazi said that the NRM government delivers its promises. He read from the NRM manifesto in which it had been said that MUBS will be upgraded into a public university in 2013. The statement which attracted excitement among the audience came after Prof. Baryamureeba wondered why government was not addressing the issues of MUBS legal status which was causing problems and deterring MUBS advancement. Prof. Barya as he is commonly known has been urging government to address MUBS legal status which was hindering it from achieving its goals. Addressing the gathering, Prof. Balunywa the MUBS Principal welcomed the Prime Minister thanking him for fulfilling his promises whenever he was approached. Prof. Balunywa noted informed the Prime Minister of what had transpired during the conference including attracting over 80 international participants, the biggest number MUBS has ever attracted.

Prof. Mondo Kagonyera the Chancellor of Makerere University graced the occasion had performed the role of inviting the Prime Minister to address the conference and close it. Hon. Amama wished MUBS and its guests a wonderful evening. The international participants were very pleased with the conference arrangements as they rubbed shoulders with 12 Heads of State that were in a meeting over Congo in one of the rooms at the conference site.

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