• Accessing Student loans and Scholarships through The Higher Education Student’s Financing Board (HESFB)

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Question: What is Higher Education Students’ Financing Board?

Answer: This is a Board intended to provide loans and scholarships to Ugandan students who have qualified for higher education in recognized institutions of higher learning but are unable to support themselves financially.

Question: Why Higher Education Students’ Financing Board?

Answer:It is intended to address the following objectives:-
To increase equitable access to technical and higher education in Uganda;

To support highly qualified Ugandan students who may not afford higher education;

To ensure regional balance in higher education services in Uganda;

To develop and support courses critical to national development and to ensure quality education in public institutions through quality assurance and supervision.

To ensure sustainable revolving loans fund.

Question: Who is eligible for the loans?

Answer: The scheme is meant for Ugandan students seeking financial assistance to pursue an accredited course of study or programme of higher education in an accredited institution of higher learning recognized by the National Council for Higher Educa-tion.

The Board will determine the Students’ eligibility into the scheme and shall take with consideration the regional balance, gender, social economic needs and equity.

The Board may, by notice in the Gazette and a newspaper of wide national coverage, declare the programmes or courses of study judi slot gacor to be funded in a particular academic year.

Question: What does the loan cover?

Answer:1) A loan shall cover the following:-
Tuition fees; Functional fees; and Research fees;

Aids and appliances for Persons With Disabilities (PWDs)2) A loan may include specified amounts in respect of accommodation or meals, where the Board determines that the funds are sufficient to provide those items, in addition to the fees prescribed in 1) above.

Question: What will be the grace period?

Answer: A person who has received a student loan shall start repaying the loan with the specified interest at least one year after completing higher education for which the loan was given.

Question: What level of education does the loan cover?

Answer: It will cover the following programmes in the phased manner starting with under graduate programmes;

Diplomas and professional


Undergraduate courses

Post graduate (Diplomas and Masters)


Question: Who will benefit from the initial students’ loans?

Answer: The Student Loan Scheme will initially offer loans to students pursuing their first degrees (Undergraduates) in approved local public and private chartered universities. The programs to be awarded loans will be decided upon by the Board with the approval of the Minister.

Question: What does one require to apply for a loan?

Answer: Application for loan shall be as follows:-
(1) An eligible student may apply to the Board for the loan.
(2) Every application shall be accompanied with;

A copy of admission letter from the university/institution

A valid identification document

Copies of certified academic certificates or result slips and transcripts

A copy of birth certificate or a passport

Three most recent passport photos

Prescribed/application fees

A reference letter from an individual in social standing

Fully filled completed application form

Accurate present residence/home sketch map

Students shall apply for the Loan after being admitted at the Higher Education Institution.

Question: Will the Loan attract Interest?

Answer: Every student loan shall be repayable with interest. The interest shall be determined by the Minister of Education and Sports in consultation with the Minister responsible for Finance and upon the recommendation of the Board.

Question: Where do I apply for the Loan?


Application forms shall be available at the selected Commercial Banks;

Offices of the dean of students;

the Board’s website; https://www.hesfb.go.ug/

the Ministry website http://www.education.go.ug.

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August 5, 2021 at 07:21.

It will be good if they allow me to join