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MUBS Leadership Centre is holding a three (3) days training for the youth on leadership. The programme that started on June 29, 2015 is sponsored by Barclays Bank and it is titled “Barclays Essay Writing Competition,” began with the youth writing essays on leadership from which thirty (30) participants were selected to undergo training.

The Principal Prof. Waswa Balunywa, said that despite the fact that leadership creates results world over, it is not appreciated that much.  He requested the youth to pay attention to all that is going to be taught and implement it in there day to day interactions. Prof. Balunywa further said that the world today has got people in leadership who are not interested in leadership but rather money. “Leadership is a service. When you look at money, then you do not have a call for leadership.  Find that call in you to serve selflessly, that will make you a great leader,” he noted. He further said that many people mistake leadership with entrepreneurship. The characteristics are the same but however, they differ in a way that leadership is service while entrepreneurship is money making. “Learning how to differentiate the two led to the birth of leaders like Martin Luther King, Julius Nyerere, Mahatma Ghandi among others.”

The Director MUBS Leadership Centre Ms. Regis Namuddu, said that five (5) out of thirty (30) participants will be selected and attached to different organizations. The winner will be awarded two million shillings (UGX 2,000,000).

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March 9, 2016 at 19:13.

I agree that in a consciousness of todays’ youth leadership is strongly associated with money which has negative influence on personal approach development most customers reckon on. First of all leadership means you are to serve team’s and company’s needs. I do hope this writing competition will be held in 2016 also to make youth look and think deeper. However, true understanding comes mostly with the experience so according to CustomWritingCompany it could be nice include some personal experience into essay to go out the poor theoretical boundaries.