• Eng. Ngobya asks Government to make it a policy for people to plant trees

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July 20, 2023 by 

The Chairman MUBS Council, Eng. Isaac Mubarak Ngobya has urged the Ugandan Government to make it a policy for every citizen to plant a tree every year. He elaborated that by the time one turns 60 years of age, they would have planted 100 trees. “Imagine, how many hectares  of land would be covered and protected. In Uganda rain comes in an erratic way. We have not catered about the environment, people just cut trees without replacing them, yet it is trees and plants that help produce rain.”

He also appealed to government ban or make it a policy that all cars must have catalytic converters that help to reduce the carbon produced by cars.  He encourage the public to try and have renewable energy in their homes and spare the thermo electricity which is not friendly to the environment. Government has taken interest to reduce the cost of batteries and solar panels to make it affordable.

Eng. Ngobya made the remarks at the Women in Climate Change Conference at MUBS main campus, Nakawa on July 6, 2023. He emphasizes that women are the leaders of homes, they grow food for the family, they are our mother, our wives, they are everything. So they appreciate issues of the environment more than men. When women are concerned about the environment, it is their role, and must take the lead, much as men are equally concerned.

Eng. Ngobya says MUBS is concerned about the environment in the country, and urged Management to maintain and increase greening in the School to create environmental awareness.

The Commissioner Climate Change in the Ministry of Water and Environment Ms. Margaret Mwebesa Othieno said that climate change is real and very dangerous to humans, it is worsening everyday and affecting everyone, but more especially women.  This is so because it is women to ensure there is food and water for home use so it really climate change them mostly. Ms. Mwebesa pushed for women to be put on board for discussions since they do a lot on the land, they need empowerment to help reduce vulnerability and increases resilient.  She appealed to the public to appreciate the youth in climate change and be supportive in their campaigns.

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