• Juliana Omara (Maama Cheers) Advises Entrepreneurs

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July 21, 2013 by 

The Entrepreneurship Centre held the monthly breakfast meeting with the entrepreneurship business network. This is a group that was previously known as Business in development network. The breakfast meeting was addressed Julian Omala Adyeli commonly known as Maama Cheers. Sharing her story, Maama Cheers told the members of the network that her business was a result of her childhood dream to be a manufacturer. Growing up near Kinyara, she used to see Indians manufacturing sweets and she said to herself, when I grow up I want to manufacture something. She worked in her brothers business and later started her own business. She was motivated to go into producing juice. When she saw business men offloading similar drinks imported from Kenya, she recalled that those drinks were not of a very high standard and she said to herself that she should produce drinks of a very high standard. Juliana is married with three children, has several business in eastern and northern Uganda and southern Sudan. She has the biggest bakery in southern Sudan, a poultry farm with 8000 birds in Tororo exports eggs to Southern Sudan. She has a maize mill plant producing mummy’s choice maize flour which she also exports to Southern Sudan. Advising the business men in the network, she told them to put God in everything that they do but besides that, she advised them to be able to take risk and seek innovative ideas. She has a farm with mangoes, cows and says that she has time to take care of her family.

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