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November 29, 2013 by 

Recently the press was full of reports about university students involving sex videos. It was mentioned that the MUBS girl student was involved. MUBS management has taken initiative to establish the facts surrounding these allegations and has also moved to sensitize students about the need to handle sexual matters in a private way. The Principal Prof. Balunywa met with the Guild leadership to establish as part of the process to establish the truthfulness of the allegation and also to find solutions. Among the solutions so far described is the sensitization of students about the need for privacy in sexual matters and the need for students to maintain a high reputation for themselves and the institution and to uphold high moral standards.

Using the women forum, MUBS invited Mrs. Betty Tibaleka a renowned motivational speaker and women activist to address students on how to respect themselves by having moral standards. Mrs Tibaleka advised students to respect their bodies and themselves and that whenever discussed immorality it was always something to do with unacceptable sexual practices by that society where those people lived.  She said that she knew that all cultures in Uganda regarded sexual issues as private issues no to be displayed later on be discussed in public.

Prof. Balunywa warned students about groups of people who were going around offering money to students to get involved in sexual practices that were not accepted by the Ugandan society. He said there was stock in the country that various people who had money were getting young people involved in sexual practices ordinarily not practiced by the Ugandan society and that videos were being shot and sent to the people who funded these activities.  He cited a discussion in the Red Pepper between the Red Pepper and the owners of a site called “sex in hostels”. He said the owners of the site had claimed that many girls were using the site to find men who paid them to get money to meet tuition fees. Balunywa warned the students that while there was a need to study, paying tuition on sexual acts was not the way to succeed. He said that such individuals would finally be found out and that it will be difficult for them to pursue careers in society which took them as individuals who sold their bodies. He called upon parents to counsel their children and also called upon various cultural institutions to continue to teach their people those sexual cultural practices that brought them respect in society. He said that while sexual acts were private decisions, he advised students not to do things that would cause them embarrassment or even destroy their careers.

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