• MUBS Holds the Biggest International Conference Ever

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September 5, 2013 by 

MUBS in conjunction with African Accountants and Finance Association along with the Human Resource Management Association of Uganda is holding its 18th Annual International Management Conference. The conference that is being held at Munyonyo Common Wealth Resort has attracted 89 international participants from all over the world. The three day conference started off with a doctoral symposium, the biggest ever MUBS held. The symposium attracted students from different universities in the region including Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, Ghana, Nigeria and Uganda. The MUBS doctoral students who have benefited from Professor Munene’s experience dominated the symposium and their presentations showed the effort MUBS has put in developing its doctoral programme. With Professor Munene, Professor Augustine Ahiauzu from Nigeria and Professor Peter Rosa from the University of Edinburgh U,K, MUBS has developed an excellent doctoral programme that has now started paying off. MUBS now graduates a minimum of 5 PhDs in a year and this is bound to increase as more staff get on board. MUBS has consistently seen staff at the doctoral level as its biggest short coming and has addressed it

Opening the doctoral symposium, Dr. John Kiyaga Nsubuga the Chairman of the MUBS Appointment Board expressed satisfaction with the effort that MUBS is putting in to develop that very vital resource. Participants in the conference came from Kenya, Tanzania, Ghana, Nigeria, United States, India, Zambia, and South Africa.

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