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MUBS has been benefiting from a grant by the government of Denmark under the Youth Education Motivation Programme (YEMP). The project that has been going on for several years and will soon come to a close. The project covers four countries in Africa namely Uganda, Ghana, Zambia and Tanzania. MUBS was the beneficiary institution in Uganda. In the project, research among youth has been one of the key aspects  and this has been led by Ms. Rebecca Namatovu Dawa from the Department of Finance.  Two PhD students namely Ms. Agnes Nassuna and Ms. Edith Basalirwa have been benefitting from support under the programme. A conference to receive the different research findings was organized in Denmark and between 24 and 25 of June at which papers were presented from 19 universities including the four in Africa and 15 from in Europe.  The Ugandan team was represented by Ms. Rebecca Namatovu, Ms. Sarah Kyesujja, Ms. Diana Ntamu, Mr. Sam Dawa, Ms, Agnes Nassuna, Ms. Edith Basalirwa and Ms. Shakilah Nagujja.  33 papers were presented at the conference and MUBS had a total of 7 papers out of the 33 papers. The conference research findings noted that there was a very high unemployment among the youth in Africa. The education type in Africa did not lead to effective employment opportunities. The conference further noted that there was still lack of knowledge and strategy to solve the unemployment rate in Africa. The conference concluded that for Africa to reduce unemployment, practical vocational education was the way to go.

No. Institution Country
1 University of Ghana Ghana
2 University of Copenhagen Denmark
3 Makerere University Business School Uganda
5 Norwegian University of Science and Technology Norway
6 University of East Anglia UK
7 University of Zambia Zambia
8 Copenhagen Business School Denmark
9 KNUST University Zambia
10 University of Reading UK
11 University College London UK
12 Loughborough University UK
13 Northwestern University USA
14 Danish Institute for International Studies Denmark
15 University of Oxford UK
16 Sokoine University of Agriculture Tanzania
17 Roskilde University Denmark
18 University of Edinburgh Business School UK
19 University of Southern Denmark Denmark

MUBS Papers Presented

Out of the 33 papers that were presented at the conference, MUBS presented seven (7) papers as listed below;

1. Inspirations of female youths and the going concern of handicraft enterprises in South Western Uganda, Sarah Kyejjusa, Soeren Bech Pilgaard Kristensen, and Katherine V. Gough

2. Entrepreneurship education: A catalyst to graduate employment in Uganda, Edith Mwebaza Basalirwa and Waswa Balunywa

3. Employment opportunities and constraints for young people in formal and informal sectors of the tourism industry in Kampala, Uganda, Soeren Jeppesen and Samuel Dawa

4. Social entrepreneurship in the aftermath of war: the case of youth groups in northern Uganda, Thilde Langevang and Rebecca Namatovu

5. Curbing youth unemployment through training: A case of Kyeterekera Foundation, Shakilah Nagujja and Agnes Nassuna Kasirye

6. Innovation geared towards the youth within microfinance institutions, Agnes Nassuna Kasirye, Soeren Jeppessen and Waswa Balunywa

7. GEM and entrepreneurship policy in Uganda, Rebecca Namatovu, Samuel Dawa and Sarah Kyejjusa

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