Liberalisation debate highlights

Liberalisation Policy and the Growth Paradox in Uganda 13th MUBS Economic Forum Participants were drawn from among others, academics, political leaders, policymakers, business people, civil society organisations, youth, university students, and the general public. Agreed Participants agreed that: 1. Although the liberalisation policy that was inevitably introduced in Uganda in the late 1980s has yielded […]

MUBS-Drake Partnership strengthened

Written by Erina Najjingo Makerere University Business School has signed an MOU with Drake University, USA to further strengthen their collaboration and partnership. The Drake University team visited Makerere University Business School from May 25-27, 2015, to explore more opportunities for expanding collaborative programs. The partnership involves a business skills development programme that will foster […]

Uganda marks 50 years of independence

Nationalism is about being proud of your country. Indeed people should be proud of their countries, their tribes, their religions, their sexes and this is because in most of these aspects you do not choose, you find yourself there and they  say God doesn’t make junk. There are a few things where you can choose […]