• Balunywa Advises new academic staff to see themselves as Professors

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February 8, 2014 by 

The School has a programme to induct new academic staff into the MUBS fraternity which includes training them how to approach teaching at University and aligning their personal  objectives with those of the School. Prof. Balunywa, the MUBS Principal started off with the Jinja Campus new academic staff by calling upon them to target professorship as their ultimate career objective. He narrated the history of MUBS to the young recruiters and said MUBS was a different institution from others in its category not only in the country but in the region. He said that MUBS was a family and whoever joined was seen as that. That’s why everybody was given an opportunity to train and improve so that they could excel. He said that MUBS had built an image of an excellent institution despite the limited resources it had compared to similar institutions. The confidence the public had in MUBS was a result of the hard work each member of staff put in and the training that the staff were given.

He urged the young people to focus their careers as academicians and that this would enable them excel in what they did. He said that while the teaching profession was not a place to make lots of money he urged that it was exciting looking for knowledge discovering new things and being one of those who knew things others didn’t know. He said teaching brought respect to a person and he was happy that over the years in his career he had gained respect of thousands of people’s including those he didn’t know or had not taught. He advised the young people not to focus on money as a career goal because money while important and wanted by everybody it was a distract from ones main goals. He said pursuing money as a goal would make them abandon nurturing students and giving them the attention they required to learn. The message was well taken and soon after the young people were referencing to their work colleagues as professors which they said motivated them to teach at the university.

The training programme involves instructing new entrants into how to teach, how to design curriculum, how to assess students’ performance and how to handle large numbers of students among others. Jinja campus is one often four campuses of MUBS with over 1,400 students in different degree and diploma programmes. The other campuses are Arua, Mbarara and Mbale. The total number of students in these campuses is now over 4,000. These campuses are part of the effort of MUBS to take University education to the country side and offer opportunities to people in the country to access education without having to move to expensive Kampala where accommodation and food are challenges for people from low income families. The training will be done in all our campuses and is usually opened by the Principal who challenges the new staff to do better than what the old staff had done to get the School move to higher levels

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