• The Career Guidance Unit Holds a Meeting with Disabled Students

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February 18, 2014 by 

The Career Guidance Unit last week held a meeting with the MUBS disabled students in order to sensitize them about the programmes the Ministry of Gender, Labor and Social Development. The ministry has various programmes for the disabled in the country and this includes programmes for students with disabilities in various academic institutions.

Addressing the students, Mr Alex Asiimwe, Senior Labour Officer from the ministry assured the students that the Government of Uganda was concerned about students with disabilities and for those in educational institutions, it recognized their needs and had plans for them. He said that the ministry annually puts aside funds to support their activities. Mr. Asimwe requested the students to form an association so that they can work as a group to identify their needs and approach the Ministry to assist them secure the facilities to address them.

Ms Maureen Tweyongyere, the Manager Career Guidance urged the students to come together more often and create a strong alumni of disabled students who could together support one another to solve their problems. She said she would get in touch with the MUBS Entrepreneurship Centre to see if they could arrange training program to empower the students to engage into productive activities. She further said that using the alumni and the knowledge acquired from the School along with specialized knowledge, the students should be able to engage into business activities rather than remain without employment. Ms Tweyongyere informed the students that the Principal, Prof Waswa Balunywa was aware of the programme and had wanted to attend however he had not been able to due to prior engagement. Prof Balunywa had assured students of management support and there was a committee that dealt with these activities.


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