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June 5, 2014 by 

In abide to increase support for our inmate students in Luzira, the Faculty of Commerce hosted a team of 15 graduate students led by Prof. Reese Renford last year. Prof. Reese runs the biggest Prison Education Project in the U.S. The ultimate goal of this project is to provide inmate students with the cognitive tools necessary to function as productive citizens which also translate to recidivism reduction. Prison Education Project (PEP) expands educational opportunities for inmates at the California Institution for Men, Women and the California Rehabilitation Center. The overarching philosophy of PEP is to use the resources in the backyard of each of the state’s prisons to make a change e.g. University students and Faculty volunteers.

This year once again, two teams led by Prof. Reese Renford, Prof. Lako Tongun, Prof. Nigel Boyle will visit MUBS. In thiscollaboration our ultimate goal is to provide the inmate-students with the cognitive tools necessary to function as productive citizens, contribute to recidivism reduction and create a vibrant Inmates Education.  They are also expected to carry out a number of activities in Luzira which include carrying out classes in relation to history, politics and art. They will meet all their bills and MUBS will be required to only meet their internal travel.

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