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August 13, 2014 by 

MUBS on a regular basis trains its managers in improving their skills in different aspects. In an ongoing training programme, a group of middle level managers were identified to improve MUBS towards its core values. Among its core values is being an ICT oriented institution. While MUBS has an intense usage of ICT usage, several areas had been identified in which MUBS was seen as weak in implementation of the value. For instance while MUBS uses social media, it was noted that the power of social media was not being exploited to its maximum potential. As part of the training, all major units of the institution were guided in opening and using Facebook and Twitter. During the training, it has been noted that a large number of MUBS staff use facebook for their personal purposes. It was also noted that a few individuals have never used facebook or any other similar social media. It was noted that those who did not use social media thought that not only for much younger people but dealt issues that were so personal that did not require to be put on public media. A group of about 25 people have been involved in this ongoing training.

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