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August 13, 2014 by 

At the end of every academic year, there are different training for security staff. Those who have been recruited in the course of the year undergo full training including physical and other related security knowledge programmes. For the existing staff, they are taken through refresher programmes including a fitness programme and other courses like customer service among others. In this year’s training approximately 60 members of security staff have been going through different training programmes. These have included the physical fitness programmes which normally take a toll on those who have not been keeping their bodies well.  The physical fitness programme starts about 5pm upto about 11am during the duration of the programme. For those who received the training for the first time, some find it tough to cope but most do cope except those who may have specific health problems.  The training included specific aspects of what security of an institution like MUBS needs including prevention of access by intruders, fire and safety among others. in recent years, terrorism has caused new threats to organisations which have large numbers of people. An institution like MUBS which collects a large number of students at any one time becomes vulnerable to terrorist attacks. Sessions by police officers on fire and terrorism were provided to the trainees. The Principal while addressing the security told them that the safety of people in MUBS and their property was in the hands of the security people. He advised them to be contentious while executing their duties. He was pleased with their discipline and urged them to continue to exhibit high discipline and keep the institution safe. The security department have visible sections of fire, anti-terrorism and safety.

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