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Ms. Regis Namuddu, the Director of the Leadership Centre opened the one day Women’s training by urging those who aspire to take up leadership positions to know that leadership imposes responsibility on those who assume leadership roles.  The one day training was held at the Conference Hall at the MUBS Annex, Bugolobi.

The Leadership Centre is an outreach centre intended to develop leaders with the best leadership practices in the region. Among its activities, the Centre focuses on Women and youth being the vulnerable groups of people in society. Ms. Namuddu brought out examples of some of the leaders that the world has seen including Nelson Mandela and Luther King whom she said had all those qualities that every aspiring leader should emulate. She said, these world icons, were known for their vision, passion and desire to improve the world in which they live. Prof. Maggie Kigozi who spent some time with the group sharing her experience urged women to develop confidence in pursuit of their careers and to seize opportunities when they saw them. She said that women should not leave opportunities to only men and she said that women too can succeed.

 Prof. Balunywa, the MUBS Principal, brought out the reasons why women were marginalized. Narrating the evolution of the differences between men and women, he said women were given different roles from men because of the biological differences between the two. He said that over time, society had apportioned different roles to gender and this had led to certain expectations about women and men. And that these expectations disadvantaged women. He requested men to give opportunity to women to manage or lead others and said research showed that women were better managers because they were more objective and had more empathy than men.

The Dean of the Faculty of Management Ms. Annet Nabatanzi also facilitated the programme and gave her experience in managing careers as a women. She said that women were more challenged than men in fulfilling their career objectives. Ms. Bridget Namubiru a lecturer of leadership shared with participants skills in team building.

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