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As part of the effort to empower the Guild leadership to manage its affairs, the newly elected guild officials are manually taken through a training intended to empower them to manage the affairs of the Guild. The students’ community annually elects new members from amongst themselves to manage the affairs of the students. MUBS management decided to conduct training for the officials as part of the process to improve the interaction between the administration and the students.

Opening the training, Ms. Evace Nyakoojo the Dean of Students, congratulated the newly elected officials and said that the training was intended to expose young leaders to the challenges they normally get in their positions and give them some knowledge on how to handle these challenges.

Talking to the students, Prof. Balunywa, Principal MUBS thanked the Dean of students for organizing the programme and the students for turning up. He said that he was pleased that over the years, the problems faced by the students were reducing and this was attributed to several factors including the training programme, and the attitude of the students. He informed the student leaders that their objectives as students were similar to those of management and management had more stake in the success of the students and they said that the Guild was a partner in the management of the affairs of the school. The guild objectives were to ensure smooth functioning of the institution including efficient delivery of services of the students and the guild had a role of monitoring this process and acting as an auditor to make sure that the service delivery was efficient and effective. He cautioned the students about misuse of guild funds which is said to a continued challenge in the management of the Guild affairs. He requested student leaders to alert the administration if staff were in teaching or when there was something that was not going right.

The Guild President H.E Pasquine on behalf of the students appreciated the Principal, The Dean of students for the effort and support they had so far given her leadership team. She promised that she would engage the school administration to address challenges they would face now and again


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