• Prof. Balunywa Meets Guild Leaders over the Unrest on Saturday

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November 13, 2013 by 

The Principal held a 5-hour meeting with the Guild Executives following incidents that took place at the MUBS Campus on Saturday. In a very frank discussion, the Guild Executives told the Principal that the events of Saturday could have been avoided if management had been responsive to students needs. The student leaders were surprised that it had been alleged that they were communicated to about the change in policy regarding the fees payment and clearing students to sit coursework tests. The student leaders indicated that students having sat coursework under certain conditions the previous weekend, any change in those conditions should have been communicated properly and the students denied that any such communication had been sent. They requested that communication to students however general it is, should also be sent to the students leaders. This was because not every student went to the notice boards or on websites.

The students also highlighted the challenges they receive as students’ leaders and as students generally. They said that many administrators did not acknowledge neither respect the leaders because if they did, some of the mistakes that were done on that weekend would have been avoided. The students said that many administrators were rude to students and did not want to listen to them which caused the problem that arose on the weekend. The students said that the unrest came from the fact that many students who had paid were being requested to bring cards which was not practical and the students feared they would lose by not sitting this test. They also said that by the time the information/permission to sit came through, the students had become agitated for the insensitivity of the administrators.

The Principal thanked the students for the frank discussion and said that he too regretted the events and noted the concerns of the students. he said that while he was physically away, he was in touch with the Guild President in an attempt to solve the problems. He appreciated that an agitated large number of people whether students or not were likely to act the way students acted especially if there were no immediate solutions to their problems. He acknowledged that the unrest could have been avoided if appropriate action had been taken at the right time. He noted that the communication had not been effective on the changes that the School had introduced and that even at the moment of truth, there was not enough authority to communicate decisions assertively to effect the change that was required to starve off the problem. He indicated that he was going to address the numerous issues the students had raised. He thanked the students for being proactive in addressing these issues having met the Guild President and others on Sunday and thanked the Guild President and her team for the time they had also spent in addressing these issues. They regretted the damage that had been caused at the School and hoped that those who were injured in the process would recover quickly.

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