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November 13, 2013 by 

In the last one week or so, there have been reports in the press about sex videos involving university students. The particular video that circulated on social media e.g  youtube, facebook, whatsup among others specifically mentioning male students from UCU and female student from MUBS. We have since investigated these videos. It is true that the individuals involved are university students. Due to privacy concerns, we do not wish to go into the details of who these students are and where they study from. However, as management MUBS we have an obligation towards students, parents and indeed the entire public as stakeholders to comfort everybody and that if this is true, they have taken the measures to address it. But more important that as an institution, we are doing what is right to ensure that our students are given the guidance that is required to enable us develop them into responsible citizens.

Matters of sex are in the African culture private issues that need not to be interfere into and indeed in the different African culture are handled differently. We would like to urge our students;

a)    To take love as gift from God and matters of sex to be handled privately rather than be opened up in the public.

b)    To appreciate your own personal cultural and do that which your cultural requires you to do and what your conscience requires you to do.

c)    Respect your parents and communities in matters of  love and sex

d)    Know that sex as a gift from God can have undesirable consequences if not well managed. This includes HIV/Aids, STDs, pregnancies among others

e)    Conduct yourself in such a manner that does not cause you public and personal embarrassment and that does not cause your family and institutions, MUBS inclusive an embarassement.

I am appealing to students to discuss this matter openly indicating what they think about this, what solutions should be given and most important to save guard the image of this great institution. Remember when you are out there, whatever you do and say, you are MUBS. I hope that we find guidance and the right solution to this problem.

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